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really granola
Claudia Rayne
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Phone: 678-1209013

The roots of really granola go way back to college days. Over all the years I heard so many people tell me, upon tasting it, "hey you should really sell this stuff!" Then a favorite farmer friend of mine told me that there was a beautiful commercial farm kitchen quite literally down the road! This is when really granola was born. My small local community embraced it and couldn't have been more supportive! I began filling orders and store shelves with it, right away. Sourcing quality ingredients is very important to me, and sourcing locally is also, I love being able to drive down the road to pick up local honey at the honey farm. Other ingredients are all non-gmo or Organic. I often get asked, about the name of the company. It is actually a simple story. I had struggled for sometime trying to think of a name for this new business, until one day, after tasting various other brands of granola, for market research, I found myself thinking that, "these granolas taste more like dessert, then granola", and that they just are not really that moment I checked naming the business off my list! It is quite fair to say my life revolves around food, whether I am baking and selling really granola, or raising livestock, growing a productive garden, or foraging and preserving food for the year! I wouldn't have it any other way. Selling a local product and working with my local and very creative community is one of the best parts of this business.

really granola

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