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In 1994 my son Leif was born and my life certainly changed , it was also the beginning of my involvement with goats . Leif as an infant did not do so well on any substitution to breast milk and finally at the brink we rushed him to Gunderson Luthern Hospital in La Crosse to see the almighty specialist and yes he needed to improve but none of the blood work revealed anything alarming.

Back home a friend suggested " have you tried GOAT MILK? well no! why would we?? NO Doctor ever mentioned anything like that! ...just try another box of this here free super formula that Leif would trow up just as fast as it went down! So off I went to visit nearby goat farm and bought their milk by the gallon. Leif gobbled it all up as if it were candy, and in 3 months his weight was back to normal instead of the 50% it was before . What a relive !!

A few years later I had accumulated about 8 goats and I was milking four, thinking poor little Leif will be needing more milk as he gets bigger. Well as you know the reverse happened: as my supply increased, his needs decreased, so now what to do with 3 gallons of milk? Well some suggested you have to start drinking it yourself - you know a gallon for breakfast and bit more for lunch and you will be done by the time you need to milk the goats again...

So Capri Cheese was born. Making Feta cheese first in the kitchen and then in the basement. With the help of knowledgeable friends it even turned out well. Pretty soon first I was making 4, then 5 to 8, and then as much as 10 pounds a week for about 6 months out of the year. So what is a guy to do with all this cheese ?? Well, say friends you start eating some for breakfast and..... I sold some to friends and they where all enthusiastic about it, so I built the microcheesery on Dieter Hollow. In 2002 I got into the Dane County Farmers Market and have been selling a variety of delicious Goat Cheeses ever since .

Capri Cheese

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