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Located in central Wisconsin at Cherokee, just four miles east of Colby -- (home of the original world-famous Colby Cheese!) -- you will find our 440-acre bison farm. What began as an alternative to dairy farming is now a successful bison business. With the purchase of our first bison in 1989, Cherokee Bison Farms is now home to over 250 head of pure-bred American Bison.

Choosing to work with Bison was easy. We wanted to produce an alternative meat that health conscious consumers would love. Plus, we immediately fell in love with the animals themselves. They are beautiful, intelligent and very resourceful. Our bison are naturally raised. Trying to keep in harmony with the bison's natural genetic make-up, our animals are on a feed program that includes rotational grazing and supplement feeding with hay, haylage and silage (thus a high-forage diet), minerals and vitamins. We are able to raise and feed grasses more specific to a bison's diet and do so whenever possible. We do raise all of our own feeds and do not import any commercial feeds or use artificial additives or bone/bloodmeal components. Naturally raised! The end result is a wonderfully lean, delicious meat that is truly an asset to any meal. And naturally that way! Nothing artificial is added to our meat. No beef, pork or other additives go into any of our products. We are 100% pure American Bison -- all Wisconsin State Inspected.

Bison is a very lean, dense meat which is deliciously sweet and tender - not wild or gamey! It's not dry or tough if you cook it properly - we have some great recipes and cooking tips to tempt your taste buds! You can use bison in any of your favorite recipes that call for beef - it's usually as simple as adjusting the cooking time and temp a little bit so the meat does not overcook. Welcome your family to the table with a savory buffalo stew or chili - satisfy a big hunger with a hearty buffalo meatloaf or your favorite lasagna recipe with lean bison instead of beef! No fat to drain!

Cherookee Bison Farm