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All people are created equal, but not all snacks. Gorilly Goods are simply made using the purest ingredients, because everyone should have access to incredibly delicious organic treats! We think that the entire world deserves quick, healthy snack options for wherever, whenever. Gorilly Goods deliver just that – a crunchy mix of fruits and nuts, or seeds and greens, all organically grown and dehydrated raw by folks who care.

Our mascot Gorilly goes ape for organic goodness. Gorilly knows that quality food makes for quality life and reminds us to “eat what you want to be”. You’ll find his happy mug smiling on the front of every pack. What started as tasty, homemade good-for-you, raw fruit and nut “things” has evolved into snacks for all people to enjoy. We still make them all by hand like we have for over 15 years, but now we get to share them with so many incredible wonderful new friends and fans! Together we can contribute to a world of tasty, healthful food and feel really good about what we eat.

Gorilly Goods