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JBC Coffee Roasters was founded in 1994 as Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters and is a family-owned specialty coffee roastery located in vibrant Madison, Wisconsin. Our vision as coffee roasters is simple: let the coffee lead the way. We trek up precarious mountain roads in pick-up trucks while in search of unique farms and growers. We meticulously slurp and sniff coffee in our cupping lab in the endless pursuit of quality. We source and roast the best and most unique coffees available. We believe that each coffee will tell its own story. There's the land and processing techniques that produce the unique honey and citric notes in various Ethiopian coffees and the terroir that produces the floral and chocolate notes in some Central American coffees. Combinations of varietal, altitude, climate, farming, milling, processing and drying all create the sensory story unique to each of our roasted coffees. Each is different. Each is special. We invite you to share.

Our Promise to You. As a licensed Q grader and experienced international coffee judge/cupper, Michael Johnson and team promise to share our knowledge of and passion for quality coffee with all our customers. We've been named one of the nation's best small coffee makers by CNN Fortune Magazine and with more 90 plus rated coffees in the last five years than any other coffee roaster at the Coffee Review (the world's leading coffee-buying guide), we promise to remain steadfast in our mission to provide the best coffee and service in our industry. We are global partners, and our promise is to promote sustainability through quality. We work with coffee growers that produce amazing crops, who are in-turn financially rewarded (often well above and beyond fair trade mandated rates) for their dedication to quality. Our wholesale partners receive passionate and attentive service, and benefit from our pursuit of quality in the roast. All of our customers taste the difference in their cup. We believe that the best coffees and the strongest relationships promote the quality of life that's most sustainable for both the farmers who grow our 90 plus coffees and our customers who drink it.

JBC Coffee Roasters

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