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We are an Artisan Cheese company based in Madison, Wisconsin. Artisan cheese making is a “distillation of the pastures”. Through the cheese making process, the flavors and aromas of the pastures are concentrated in the curd, encapsulating Wisconsin terroir or the “taste of the land.”

Crème de le Coulée’s cheese is aged in a special cave-like environment, with a labor intensive process known as affinage. The yeasts, bacteria, and molds which are cultivated on the surface of the cheese during affinage bring out the optimal flavor, texture, appearance, and aroma. This combination of high quality milk, expert craftsmanship, and skillful affinage results in cheese that is flavorful, complex, and a genuine expression of Wisconsin terroir. Cheese maker Bill Anderson has spent years mastering the art of soft-ripened cheese, inspired by French cheese making traditions. Before becoming a cheese maker, Bill was the master cheese monger at a nationally renowned artisan cheese store, where he selected the best artisan cheeses from Wisconsin, the US, and the world.

Creme De La Coule

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