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The essence of Sartori is best illustrated through the description of their family crest, a nod to the people, places and experiences that define them. The ship icon refers to The Finlandia, the steamer that carried founder, Paolo Sartori to America, where he would later achieve his own American Dream, beginning in 1939 when he started the company. The cows are an acknowledgement of their farm-to-fork ethos and the special relationships they have with their family farmers, many of whom have supplied them milk for several generations. They also have an image of the state of Wisconsin, not just because it is the source of the finest cheese anywhere but because it is their home, something that has shaped them more than anything else. SarVecchio, a staple of Chef Tory's creative influence, is decorated with awards. 2013 it won Gold at the Global Cheese Awards. In 2012 it won Gold at the World Cheese Awards as well as 1st Place Best of Class at the World Championship Cheese Contest.