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We feel fortunate to farm 60 acres of certified organic land in the Town of Springdale located between Mt. Horeb and Verona, WI. Although we have only been certified organic since the spring of 2008, there have been no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides used on this ground since 1994. We believe that farming organically creates benefits far beyond chemical free food. When done responsibly, it protects the ground water, the soil and prevents a host of other problems, such as chemical spills related to agricultural production. In addition, when we buy locally our money stays in the local economy. Consequently, eating local organic food is doing more than simply caring for ourselves, it effectively enhances the environment and the greater community in which we live. Our family has been enjoying this good produce from area farmers for many years. It is their efforts that have inspired us to be a part of the network of local foods in our area.

Prairie Bluff Farm