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Top Note started with an idea, to make soft drinks worthy of fine food. We thought the place to start was in the kitchen. Mary was a professional brewer for 20 years, and had some tricks up her sleeve to create unique flavors, that were balanced, restrained on sweetness, and really grown up. It turns out, we made a great tonic line, Top Note Tonics, named after the flavor science terms for the aromas at the peak of a beverage. We make Top Note in our commercial kitchen in Milwaukee where we also innovate and design new flavors to share with our Farmer's Market patrons. We hope you can come visit us!

Top Note

Bitter Lemon Tonic
Save $ 2.00
Bitter Orange Tonic
Save $ 2.00
Gentian Lime Tonic
Save $ 2.00
Indian Tonic
$ 7.50 10 oz
Save $ 2.00