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Phone: 678-1209013

Our Product Low in acidity, High in caffeine, Smooth - many people who don't like hot coffee love cold brewed coffee, Excellent on hot summer days, Great it in cocktails and mixed drinks, Delicious in a cold brew float, A healthy, natural and convenient energy drink

Ecofriendly and Socially Responsible

All spent coffee grounds are used as a nigtrogen source on a local farm, Work with only organic and fair trade roasters We wash and sanitize returned bottles to reuse them, Only waste generated is backs of vinyl labels, Beans are delivered in buckets which we either repurpose ourselves or return to the roaster for them to reuse, We drive to Milwaukee to get the bottles ourselves so they don't get shipped in packing peanuts, Mike drove the packing peanuts we did get back to the bottle company so they could reuse them.

Local and Community Oriented

We believe in the value of keeping money local. We support local businesses for the products and services we need. We work with only local roasters. Our current blends come from Just Coffee. Our image designer and website developer are Madison residence. We get our business cards from Lakeside Printing Cooperative on Willy Street. Bottles are obtained in Milwaukee. Great it in cocktails and mixed drinks. Delicious in a cold brew float. A healthy, natural and convenient energy drink.

Let It Ride