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It all starts with an idea...Honestly Cranberry’s cranberries are just that…cranberries that have been honestly dried using no added sugars, juices, oils or anything. So what you see is what you get! Some crystallization is normal after some time since there are natural sugars in cranberries – believe it or not!

All of our cranberries that we dry come from our fourth generation cranberry farm located west of Wisconsin Rapids. The Glacial Lake Cranberries property started commercially producing cranberries in 1873. They found cranberries growing wild in the wetlands, and built dikes and ditches around the native stands of vines. Over the years, the process has become more sustainable and the wildlife more abundant in the surrounding wetlands and forests. Cranberry vines are a perennial, meaning we don’t have to plant them every year. Some vines are still producing at 75 years old – a true heirloom crop!

As growers, we wanted to share the true tart taste and natural goodness of cranberry year round, thus Honestly Cranberry was created. Honestly Cranberry buys fruit from Glacial Lake Cranberries so we know where our fruit comes from. ​​

Honestly Cranberry