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Honey Bee Bakery carves out a niche with its expert technique, top-notch local ingredients, and unabashedly simple yet lovely creations. Mary White is Honey Bee Bakery's head artisan baker. Mary is a Wisconsin native and a long time Madison resident. Her parents are proudly still farming in north western Wisconsin.

Honey Bee Bakery's product line is uniquely her own. She draws her inspiration from our wonderfully abundant, fresh Wisconsin cream, award winning butter, and seasonal fruit. Her vision is to make the finest quality baked goods. Her breads and pastries are true to flavor and rustically edible. Mary's first business was a cake bakery in Chicago. Her classic American layer cakes made with real butter were a hit. In Madison, Mary was head baker at L' Etoile under Odessa Piper, the Alice Waters of the mid-west. Sophia Barabas of Sophia's Bakery and Cafe has been a long time friend and mentor. Because of these influences, Honey Bee Bakery goods have a decidedly European flare. Mary White and Honey Bee Bakery are committed to the idea of building community around food.

Honey Bee Bakery

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