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We want tea to be a fun, affordable and tasteful daily ritual; with an aim to promote a healthy lifestyle by bringing high quality, organic and fair trade loose teas into your home and office. Our Philosophy is rooted in a sip by sip lifestyle. Slowing down to enjoy a cup of tea is important in today’s frenzied times, and we find it refreshing to rediscover an ancient drink that offers so many benefits. As students of tea, we are always studying and learning something new about tea.

Specializing in natural flavor essences and pure essential oils, Cha Cha Tea is committed to purchasing fair trade tea and proudly supports tea gardens that encourage natural and organic farming methods. Fresh, seasonal, and small-batch artisan-quality teas are our focus.

Cha Cha Tea is not a mass marketer of tea—instead focusing on providing a limited number of highest quality, unique, specialty teas. Each tea offers you the best flavor of tea from distant lands. This quality offers you, not only the best taste, but support for multiple infusions. Multiple infusions of teas save you money and ensure a low cost per cup for quality tea drinking.

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