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I don’t have time to compare prices. How do your prices compare to grocery stores?
Our prices are typically lower than or match typical area grocery stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Copps. We are able to provide this competitive price and do home delivery by working directly with producers and eliminating intermediaries in between.
How much do the producers get for the products I buy on your store. I know in the farmer's market they get 100%
Our vision is to maximize the fraction of food dollars for producers. At this point, for all products, producers get 82% of every dollar. So if you purchase a pound of potatoes for $2.00, the producer gets $1.64. In typical grocery stores this share is around 23%. Read more here for a study on Food dollars here.


Square Harvest
Retail Grocery Store
Why don't you offer next-day or two-delivery?

We work directly with farmers and producers and source all our products locally. To ensure peak freshness, our products are harvested, baked or prepared right before delivery. That is farm to table in three days, short and simple, compared to grocery stores where, food may sit in long-haul trucks and warehouses for weeks.

My favorite local product is not listed. Will you carry it?
We love to hear from you on what other products you would like us to carry. Please do click on the Request Product button that is visible on all shopping pages and tell us the name of the products, producer if you know it, and any other details. We will reach out to the producer and do our best to carry it soon.
I won’t be home on Saturday, can I still order?
Yes. We will leave your order at your doorstep near a shaded spot. Please leave a cooler with ice-packs.
Do you do delivery on other days?
At this point we do delivery only on Saturday. We do workplace deliveries on Tuesday for participating workplaces.
I hate typing my credit card every time. Why don’t you save my credit card?
We take security very seriously and as is evident from the recent Target and Anthem breach, hackers taking credit cards from website can happen to any website. We believe it is in the best interest of our customers that we don’t save credit card. You can use Paypal or Amazon payments which are 3rd party services we are integrated with that avoid the need for typing your credit card.
Are you competing with the traditional farmer’s market?
Isn’t it quite inefficient to do home delivery and consume a lot of miles and gasoline?
On the contrary, our detailed experiments and analysis suggest that our drivers driving on optimized routes from one house to another result in typical 5X to 10X savings in miles driven when compared to each person individually driving back and forth from the grocery store.
How is your service different from Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or other grocery delivery?
Unlike those ventures, Square Harvest directly connects farmers to producers. All our products (with the exception of some dairy products) we procure directly from farmer. This shortens the supply chain to one link, compared to 5 to 7 intermediaries that are there in the typical grocery store supply chain. Also, we source exclusively from local producers all with 250 miles of Dane county. This ensures a local thriving economy.
I forgot to leave a cooler. What will happen to my items?
If there is no cooler, we will not be able to deliver the order. If you do end up forgetting (it happens, we understand) and our driver does not find a cooler, we will not deliver your items. We will simply cancel your entire order, and refund you the entire amount. Our policy is to simply dispose off such items as food waste. We do NOT restock or reuse for a different customer. We understand this is wasteful, but at this point, we are not equipped for restocking and long-term refrigeration as our model is designed for farm fresh food to home.