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Beef Stew Meat

Beef Stew Meat

  • $ 8.99
Wisconsin Meadows Grass-Fed Beef Coop
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Grass-fed beef stew meat strips. Easy to use!

Green grass, blue sky and the crystal clear waters of Wisconsin are the ingredients in Wisconsin Meadows™ Grass-fed Beef. Our beef is produced on family farms all across the state, from humanely treated cattle born and raised in Wisconsin and is naturally-raised without synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics.

Taste the provenance and diversity of Wisconsin’s pastures and seasonal variances which produce a rich, beefy flavor compared to the bland, cornfed, homogeneous feedlot product most Americans are used to. With the proper genetics, and careful stewardship of our pastures, we can produce quality lean and tender beef without the use of corn or grains. We think you will appreciate the subtle nuances in the flavor!

Storage: Frozen

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