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Hook’s Cheese
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Hook's World Champion Colby is a washed curd cheese. This is the traditional way of making Colby and gives the cheese little tiny openings and a sweeter flavor than a cheddar. Washing the curd washes the lactose or milk sugar off of the curd. In traditional cheddar the lactose is not washed off and the starter bacteria that we add feed on the milk sugars changing the cheese to give it a more acidic flavor. This does not occur in our traditional Colby still made the same way we made it when we won the overall World Cheese Championship on it in 1982. Our Colby also took 3rd place at the American Cheese Society Competition 2010.

Storage: If the cheese is refrigerated, it will keep for months if it’s not opened. Once it’s opened wrap the cheese in a freezer paper then place it in a zip lock bag to store it.

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