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Decaf Dark Roast

Decaf Dark Roast

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Decaffeinated coffee is all about flavor, and we pay our decafs special attention to bring forth the best. This darker version of our decaf is ever-so-slightly smoky and spicy, with gentle notes of chili powder and black pepper. This fully washed, organic (fact check) coffee comes from the Norandino Cooperative in the Peruvian highlands, where it is decaffeinated through a natural, chemical-free water process that allows for maximum flavor retention while eliminating all but small traces of caffeine. French press or siphon brewing brings out this coffee's bolder umami notes. Big in flavor, this coffee from the Peruvian highlands was naturally decaffeinated without chemicals.

Storage: Store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight. (*Note - do not store it in your freezer please!)

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