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Demi  Baguette

Demi Baguette

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Batch Bakehouse
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Our Demi Baguette is a smaller version of the original Classic French Baguette. Expect a crispy chewy crust with a holey crumb (center). Made with unbleached and unbromated flours and fresh yeast, we use an old-world technique that allows the flavors to develop a subtle complexity. While popular for crostini, tapenade, bruschetta and the sort, this is in its element dipped in olive oil, or used for sandwiches. Our baguette is the perfect accompaniment to any meal or simply enjoyed alone. Net weight:180g/6.3 oz

Ingredients: Flour, water, salt, fresh yeast

Storage: Use day of purchase. Otherwise, twist end of paper bag and store at room temperature overnight. If holding for a longer time, wrap in plastic and freeze (do not refrigerate). To reheat: oven 350, sprinkle water on crust, and place on open racks in oven until crisp to the touch (5-7 minutes). Enjoy.

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