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Juniper Rose -  Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Juniper Rose - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

  • $ 12.79
Nessalla Kombucha
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Our blend of Washington Island Juniper berries and Rishi’s lush and fragrant White Rose tea make this a kombucha that will delight your palate. Herbal and delightfully effervescent with low tannins and acidity. Nessalla Kombhucha is a refreshing effervescent fermented beverage, Kombucha is made by adding tea and sugar to a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and letting fermentation magic happen. It is tangy, slightly sweet, and naturally effervescent. Kombucha is packed full of probiotics, B & C vitamins, amino acids, and live enzymes, making your tastebuds and your body happy! We make NessAlla Kombucha using our custom Rishi Tea blends, organic, fairtrade sugar, natural herbs and fruits and our super happy SCOBYs.

Ingredients: 100% Raw Kombhucha (Purified water, Sugar, Black Tea, White Rose Tea,Juniper berries)

Storage: Keep refrigerated

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