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Organic Premium Ground Beef (95% lean)

Organic Premium Ground Beef (95% lean)

  • $ 7.99
McCluskey Brothers
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Organic Ground Beef - 95/5!

Think ground sirloin plus! We call it "premium" because we grind all but two cuts in their entirety - not just the trim - to make this burger. So all the roasts and all the steaks but two are in our premium burger. The two not included? Rib eye and tenderloin, sold separately. As with all our beef, our premium ground beef is certified organic and 100% grass-fed. No grain. Ever.

"100% grass-fed" at Shillelagh Glen Farms means that our livestock (both dairy and beef herds) are raised on pasture and eat only two things: their mom's milk and our pastures. No grain. Ever. (In winter we feed hay and haylage harvested from our fields.) We raise Hereford and Normande beef cattle. Our beef herd numbers 25 head and is completely pasture raised with access to shelter in bad weather. Cattle are meant to graze, and that's exactly what they do on our farm with plenty of pasture at hand: Shillelagh Glen Farms is approximatley 800 acres with about one-third of that in pasture and the remaining acreage split between hay fields and woods.

Certified organic since 1996, we take great pride in offering fresh farm products of exceptional quality, direct from Shillelagh Glen Farms to your table!

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