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SunFlower Shoots

SunFlower Shoots

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SunFlower MicroGreens are baby sunflowers grown about 2 weeks. The stems and first leaf set are harvested for food. Sunflowers are a complete protein and are considered to be one of the most balanced sources of the essential amino acids. SunFlowers also contain vitamins A, E, D, & B-complex and have 72 minerals including dense levels of calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc. SunFlower MicroGreens are also good source of chlorophyll and essential fatty acids such as lecithin; which are known to boost the immune system, repair cells, improve memory, brain, liver, and kidney function. The chemistry found in baby sunflowers are known to help the nervous system and nerves, reduce blood pressure & inflammation, break down cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Ingredients: Black oil SunFlowers Shoots

Storage: Keep refrigerated in sealed container. Rinse before use. Use within 2-3 weeks

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