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Unsweetened Dried Cranberries

  • $ 2.99
Honestly Cranberry
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Enjoy the real taste of Wisconsin Cranberries. Dried Cranberries with no added sugars, juices, or oils – just the fruit.

Our process just takes out the water leaving the natural goodness where it belongs in the dried fruit. Proanthocyanidins with A-type linkages (PACs) are only found in cranberries. The benefits of PACs include the following: contain phytonutrients; provide protection against urinary tract infections; anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, digestive tract and cardiovascular benefits; antioxidant protection, and immune support. One of the many great aspects of our dried cranberries is that you only need 2.8 grams of our product to get the daily dose of PACs! That means our 1 oz. package has 10 days of daily dose, and the 4 oz. package has 40 days of daily dose! There is not another dried cranberry product (with only having one ingredient-cranberry) on the market that has the quality and health benefits of ours.

Ingredients: Dried Cranberries.

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